The winners of International Screenwriting Competition 2017

So today is the day!
We are finally announcing the winners of the International Screenwriting Competition.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for participating! It has been a great pleasure receiving your screenplays, they were all amazing!

And the winners are:

Feature film:

– Louis Hatson Gangster Jack $6,000.00

– Adis Bakrac Everyone Has Moved $5,000.00

– Vin Cassel Earth Aged $4,000.00

-David Trueda Unexpected Visitor $3,000.00

– Kastriot Caka Lazarat’s Paradise $2,000.00

Short film:

-Abel Winter Best Friend $5,000.00

– Melanie Laurent It’s Rudolf’s Birthday $4,000.00

– Glen Acosta Life Without You $3,000.00

– Kale Marcel Dirty Tricks $2,000.00

-Ibrahim Deari Dog Man Dog $1,000.00


– Rita Ramadani Difficult Journey $4,000.00

-Bastien Dupon The Land Priceless $3,000.00

– Elizabeth De Felita Behind Any Realities $2,000.00

– Luli Kurti Never S Never $1,000.00

-Dennis Delmar BB Generations $500.00

Congratulations to each of you!

Stay tuned for our next competition!

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